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Atlantic City Computer Gaming Tournament

Event: Computer gaming tournament, $100,000 prize; Hosted in twelve ballrooms in both Bally’s and Caesar’s Palace, Atlantic City, NJ.

Work performed: Our team acted as technical event producers for the entire event, including: Installed redundant 100 Mbit Internet
service to two casinos; Built campuswide Gigabit fiber/copper network; Wi-Fi for all attendees. Produced all video, lighting, production
design, audio, projection. Created over 200 VODs (Video on Demand) segments, uploaded for later viewing. Built cable-TV injection to
hotel video system for remote viewing. Adjusted show production based on client input and social media feedback on the fly. Built
remote-viewing Simulcast between hotels. Site logistics for multiple vendors and client. Managed 140 gaming PCs (Imaging, re-imaging, system re-installation, on-site repair); HD video ingest and source routing; many other services. All work was completed in six weeks,
most in three.

Results: Show was viewed live by over 1.2 million individual streams, 165,000 simultaneous viewers (max). Over 25 million clip views
in the next month. Show was widely rated as the most successful video game tournament ever.

Google LUGRadio Live

Linux User Radio event, sponsored by Google, Metreon, San Francisco, CA

We supplied: Secure Internet access, premises network distribution, wireless service. Supported live audiocast. Power distribution for
stage, office and exhibitors. Lighting, sound reinforcement, staging, screens, projectors. Facility interface. Logistics. A 36” gong.

Results: Event well-attended; Internet service 100% uptime; all services operational.

YouTube’s YouTube Live!

You Tube Live!

Event: YouTube’s record-setting live worldwide webcast from Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, with acts including Chad Vader,
Mythbusters, Steve Vai, Katy Perry, Fred, Will It Blend.

We supplied: Two weeks of on-site support from move-in through event and teardown; 250 Mbps main Internet feed for event with redundant service; Wired and wireless service for entire campus (four offices, 300,000 SqFt event space); backup Internet for streaming support; Complete 20-line phone system for office and production; Fiber wide-area extensions; Power distribution; 50 touchscreen
PCs for demos and uploading; Press and registration networks; Logistics; Facility interface; Facility wire repair, trace,
labeling, expansion.

Results: Event set a record for most simultaneous viewers (650,000); all networking 100% uptime. Demo PCs a big hit. All video
delivery successful.

Yahoo Tech Pulse (2009-present)

Event: Annual conference for Yahoo developers, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA.

We supplied: Secure, live audio/video presentation capture simultaneously from four rooms for the three-day event. Worked directly
with Yahoo to publish video to validated IP addresses, used to ensure secure connections into the Yahoo Intranet. Also created VODs
of all streams in multiple file formats for later viewing by select attendees.

Results: 100% uptime. All video delivery successful.

Press Conference during E3

Event: Annual press conference for major videogame system manufacturer. Hosted 1,500 press, 6,000 invited guests, numerous VIPs,
Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Work performed: Our team built a campus network with 100 Mbps service, including capacity for 800 press to wirelessly blog
(expanded to 1,500+ users during event). Monitored and managed for the 1,200+ rogue access points (MyFis, phones in sharing mode), show office, registration, pre-function area, critical on-stage demos, 6 international video streams, VIPs. Managed provisioning and
service installation against a short deadline.

Results: Event judged a complete success. Wireless game demos 100% reliable. Press Wi-Fi judged excellent.

American Red Cross Cellular and Wireless Infrastructure Improvements (No Pics)

Background: American Red Cross Los Angeles Chapter has four major chapter HQs throughout Southern California. All needed reliable, centrally-managed Wi-Fi capable of supporting hundreds of Volunteers in an emergency. In addition, the historic Cravens Estate
(Chapter HQ in Pasadena, CA) had many cellular dead spots.

Wi-Fi: Our team installed a complete, professional dual-band Wi-Fi system covering all four chapter houses. Each now supports
routine staff use or hundreds of users (During emergencies) with no further configuration.

Cellular: We installed a professional multi-carrier Bidirectional Amplifier (BDA) covering the entire Cravens mansion, respecting the
building’s historic nature.

Results: Wi-Fi and cellular coverage are much improved and “Just Work”.

Oscar® Event Networking

Event: Annual Academy Awards® at the Dolby (formerly Kodak) Theatre, Hollywood, CA, produced by the Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences (AMPAS®).

Work performed: Since 2009, our team has provided 1 Gbit (Or faster) microwave links between Chainsaw (Editorial) and the
broadcast campus, used to securely move audio/video elements from rehearsal through broadcast day—including Arrivals video
edited into awards broadcast.

Results: Link has delivered 100% uptime for four years, allowing show to greatly increase the number of edits of each clip, use
material from Pre-Show during main show, etc.

New York Comic Con; BlogWorld; BookExpo(2011-Present)

Events: Comic Con: The premiere pop culture event in New York; BlogWorld: A major conference for the social media community;
BookExpo America is a major annual conference for publishers and book buyers. Shows at the Javits Convention Center, New York, NY.

Work performed: Previous shows had uneven or poor Internet service for attendees. Our team worked with facility to improve wired
and wireless service delivery on a very short schedule. Temporarily installed supplemental wireless gear to cover rooms without service. Supported streaming events. Monitored service during entire event; hands-on support for exhibitors, staff, VIPs, attendees. Set up and supported loaner gear for exhibitors as required.

Results: Service much improved, entire show area had good Wi-Fi. Restored service for several major exhibitors with our loaner gear.
Far fewer complaints than in previous years, better social media results. Streaming was successful.

Glass House (ABC-TV)

Event: ABC-TV Reality show, shot in Van Nuys, CA with a major social media component.

Work performed: On short schedule, installed a complete phone system, campuswide wired and wireless service throughout the
stage and 4-story office building. Multiple, redundant Internet links procured and installed. Built a secure network: Supported editorial, remote content review and approve, sheltered link to contestants, office Internet, printing. Traced intellectual property leaks.

Other services: Concrete coring for cable runs. Installed high-capacity fiber tie lines between machine room and key locations.
Installed innerduct for telco fiber network appearance. Security network wiring, access control, other incidental last-minute installs.
Power budgeting.

Results: Show workflow was completely diskless, tapeless, allowed secure off-site review and approval of clips. On-site network
supported multiple needs: Video production, site surveillance, Social media monitoring and posting, editorial suites, finishing, VOD
clip delivery.

Live Streaming from Mardi Gras

Event: Parades, parties, shows surrounding Mardi Gras in and around New Orleans, LA.

We supplied: Live video production, cameras, switching, encoding, audio capture during four days of Mardi Gras parades. All video
was also captured for later broadcast or webcast.

Results: 3.3 million impressions of webcast and website; Viewed in over 40 countries; average viewing time of 85 minutes. Programs
are being marketed for broadcast.

ShoutCast (Live Cellphone Release Promotion)

Event: Ad agency Valentine’s Day campaign for rollout of new AT&T handset: “Real Mountain Men shout your message of love from a mountain”; Angeles National Forest near Mt. Baldy, CA.

Event details: Campaign promoted via social media; Actors (“Mountain men”) read the solicited messages on camera; Individual, personalized web videos were created for each message; Link to each video message forwarded to sender and recipient.

Work performed: Our team provided four days of bidirectional satellite Internet service; Video streaming, phone service, finished-video uploading, email access. Live multicamera shoot, on-site encoding and timecoded Video On Demand (VOD) element creation, from our production trailer. On-site Wi-Fi network for entire production campus. Cellular service reinforcement. Fully managed and prioritized
network, with 100% redundant live video stream feed to CDN publishing point. On-site audio/video confidence monitoring. Provided troubleshooting for (Just-released) cellphones, updated device firmware, hands-on support for all components.

Results: 100% uptime for streaming backbone, encoding, IP service backhaul from shoot location, encoded video upload. All provided services, including added on-site support, were completely successful.

Matrix Haircare Incentive and Education Event

Event: Hands-on demonstrations, product education, incentive event for over 1,200 stylists, 800 Matrix and L’Oreal (Parent company)
staff, VIPs at J.W. Marriott Resort, Palm Desert, CA.

We supplied: Redundant, highly-available bandwidth (Over 50 Mbps) for this major event; Wired the entire campus, including ballrooms, breakouts, staff offices, event tent; Wireless (Wi‑Fi) for over 150,000 square feet of space; 100+ desktop computers with custom software loads; 30 iPads with custom software installs; network for Matrix IT support staff.

Work performed: Interface with production team, venue, throughout event planning and execution. Setup, teardown, customization
of all computers, tablets, printers. Hands-on support for new website rollout and all equipment (regardless of source). Installation
and support of high-capacity microwave link for event use. Troubleshooting of issues with new website, in conjunction with developers.
Other on-request improvements throughout week-long event.

Results: 100% uptime for onsite network; Website rollout successful (and still in use.)

Convention Event Support (1999-Present)

Events: Evening press events, Hospitality suites, tent events, pop-up events, booth promos, etc., during Consumer Electronics Show
(CES) in Las Vegas and many other major events

We supply: Redundant Internet service, video production and streaming, cabling, Ethernet and Wi-Fi distribution, hands-on support, <br>routing, client interface, rate shaping, power distribution, facility interface, facility scouting, GPS signal distribution, cellular
reinforcement, logistics, rental gear (Including computers, monitors, lighting, sound reinforcement, specialty tables, etc.)

Methods: We have supplied Internet from existing facility services, satellite, fiber, cable, DSL, MEOC, microwave, WiMAX, etc. Many
facilities require redundant service be added, on short notice; some require last-minute cabling additions.

Results: Now providing service for five or more events during CES yearly, up to 20 per year.