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Oscars 2009

Location Connect is TK Media Services provides on-site IT and telephony service for the location production market. Services include nearly all the communications technologies a motion
picture or television production might need.

Computers aren't a luxury for production, they're essential. So is reliability. When the production manager's laptop crashes, or the location team can't send stills to the post coordinator, it's no longer an inconvenience-it's lost shooting hours. We handle every
aspect of a production's computer, telephony and network needs,
on location or at their offices.

We'll handle all the computer problems that come up, whether it's getting pictures of fabric swatches to the costume designer,
viewing digital dailies at the edit suite, or even rebuilding the producer's laptop.

In production, communication has to occur NOW. Lack of phone service is not inconvenient, it is expensive. Cell phones don't work everywhere all on their own. Location Connect
has the expertise to provide the right voice data
support for the site where you need to work.