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Oscars 2009

Location Connect provides on-site network and IT services and more for your special event anywhere, anytime.

Good Business Depends on Good Connections.
And some of the most important are electronic.
Whether you're at a press party, a road show or a conference, chances are you need the Internet to
demo your product, log an order, or just stay in touch with the home office.

Cheerful Techs, No Surprises
We can help. Even if there's no time to order a T1,
we'll provide high-speed, reliable secure wireless
Internet access anyplace, anytime. We take care of all the details of networking, wiring, power, access, telephony, and handle all of the logistics with your
hotel or facility, so you don't have to. But that's only
the beginning: Our cheerful techs will connect your computers, neatly and ahead of time.

And if there are any surprises, we'll handle them-as
we have since 1984. We'll even make sure the
projector works.

Give us a call. We'd love to keep your next event connected.

We Connect. You Create.

One Call, One Team
We take responsibility for everything, from ordering Internet service for your event to wiring and connecting your computers.

Service Anywhere.
Even if the venue has none, we'll bring dependable, high speed Internet service to you without wires, in hours, not days.

We understand event planning.
We've done it-our staff has planned:

In events, we understand that now means now.


Hollywood runs on connections...
Whether you're shooting in a sound stage or 45 minutes up the Columbia River, you need to stay in touch.

No Wires? No Hassle.
Location Connect from TK Media Services delivers it all: High-speed Internet access on location, any location. Our people come on site, hook you to the Internet, keep your network secure, and move with you. Even if the nearest phone line is in the next county, you'll be viewing digital dailies, sending stills to the publicist, and emailing Mom in less than two hours. All with no wires, no prep, and no hassle.
And, back at home, we'll keep your office connections running great, too.


And this list goes on...