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Location Connect is TK Media Services on-site service for the location production market. Services include nearly all the communications technologies a motion picture or television production might need.

The company has the talent and expertise necessary for the production market. Tim Peters, President of TK Media Services, states, "I'm proud of the team we've assembled for this service. They're not just 'computer guys' we have wiring and phone specialists, radio technicians, webmasters, and network
engineers on staff. Most of our people are experts in multiple
areas, so a small team can handle all the exigencies of
supporting a location.

The company has the reliability and experience to meet the demands of productions both large and small. "We've been
serving the emergency services and public safety communities since 1984," stated Peters. "When a 911 center needs support,
they mean now; fortunately, my staff excels under pressure.
So when a motion picture needs to send live bluescreen comps
to their effects house, and the stage doesn't have a T-1,
we're ready."

Key to the service is the ability to provide Internet and voice connectivity anywhere in North America and abroad, with little or no notice or preparation. "We don't rely on any one connection method for Internet service. If a location has existing DSL, we'll use it, and protect the production from hackers, too," said Pournelle. "But if they're on location 20 miles from the nearest phone, we can get them high-speed access to the Internet, and their own offices, in a few hours."